How Much Can you Sacrifice for Love?

How Much Can you Sacrifice for Love?

Image result for giving too much in a relationshipLove is a very strong feeling. Like a drug, it turns many into some crazy beings getting carried away into the heat of the moment not stopping one bit to rethink the consequences of the directions they have taken.

We all need love and sometimes fight hard to win it over to our side. However, when the relationship takes off on a wrong rail, how far are you willing to go?

Knowing how much you are willing to give up for love’s case will save you the pain. We hear about unconditional love, but there is no such a thing as loving someone over your life.

Is it money, time, respect, name it but when it comes to life, whether of a family member, friend or even stranger, run and never turn back. Love is to compliment life not the other way round.

When you feel you life is threatened or another person’s life is at stake because of your love, devise means of pulling out of the relationship before it is too late.

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Never be so stuck to the extent of not seeing how dangerous the relationship is becoming.There should be a limit to everything, even to love too.The problem is not giving in, it is giving too much in the way that can make you feel lost.

For any unhealthy relationship;

  • That pushes you into confrontations, arguments and fights with another person.
  • Makes you feel bad about yourself
  • Makes you feel less valued and important
  • Puts a bridge between you and family or friends.

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Someone who loves you will protect you, care for you and would never want to put you into such a trying moment.

My dear, you need to opt out before it hits a heated dead end. How can it be a blind love if the lover possesses both eyes?  You deserve better!

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