How to achieve a short hairstyle for natural black hair

How to achieve a short hairstyle for natural black hair

hairA lot of us are not blessed with pretty long frocks or some of us got tired of combing our frocks and decided to let go of some of it, well you are in luck as maintaining the natural hair is firmly back in fashion.

Natural hairstyles are certainly getting more creative than before. Many a time, maintaining the short black hair can prove a little expensive and labor intensive as a lot of time they cost much more than the normal long hair; although in a lot of cases women with short hairstyles may have to worry because of the natural curly nature of their hair in which case the natural hair becomes cheaper to maintain.

Short hairstyles are trendy and easier to moisturize with homemade natural hair conditioning products. The short hairstyle suits all face and style and there are certainly a lot of options that include:

1. Flat Twist which designs a raised profile in the hair as you can flat twist a few sections front to back and over the top from ear to ear, to look different, level the rest of your natural hair, you could also raise up the full length strand to make fat corn rows which are certainly eye catching.

2. Another look you should certainly try is the finger coils, they are a quick and easy classic styling method and they are a superb natural way to style short thick hair. To achieve the finger curls roll your hair around your fingers and add a little extra moisturizer to stop them from drying out.

3. One way to style short natural hair is the Bantu knot hairstyle, this  outstanding short hairstyle is becoming really popular. To achieve this, take a strand of your hair and twist it from the root to the tip then let it twist around itself till it forms a knot that would stay in place. This style is contemporary and its one of the cheapest and easy short hairstyle that keeps you looking fabulous.

4. Another way your short hairstyle can look fabulous and appealing is the two-strand twist method which requires hair that is at least 3 to 4 inches long. To achieve this take a strand of hair and divide it into two then twist each of the strand and then let the two strand coil around each other until they are firm and can stay on their own.

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