How To Cook Chicken, Cow and Goats Meat Luwombo In Uganda

How To Cook Chicken, Cow and Goats Meat Luwombo In Uganda

What Is Luwombo/ Oluwombo? 

Oluwombo or Luwombo is a traditional Method of Cooking in most parts of Uganda-any type of sauce in lightly smoked banana leaves

It is both a classic dish of Royal dinners and a dish popular throughout Country at large.

It is often said that oluwombo dates to 1887 when, during the reign of Kabaka Mwanga, the dish was introduced by his chief cook, Kawunta.

The basic “heated bit” banana-leaf cooking method-(oluwombo) has been common across tropical Africa for centuries and is also much used wherever bananas or plantains are grown.

It is commonly made with sauces like; beef, chicken, goat, ground nuts, mushrooms, Smoked fish, fresh fish or any other preferred animal meat as long as it’s not a taboo to eat such meat by the family/ congregation its being prepared for.

Step By Step Approach To Preparation Of Luwombo-(Cow Beef, Goat Or Chicken) In Uganda.

  1. Light a Charcoal stove.
  2. Get a Banana Leaf without any hole(s).
  3. Get a Kg of Meat/ chicken or any measurement depending on the estimated number of people going to consume that particular meal.
  4. Wash the meat-(Chicken or Goat/beef) in clean water, after pour away the water.

5. Put some Banana (Matooke Peels) on top of the burning charcoal.

Chicken Luwombo

6. Smoke the meat/Chicken a little bit on top of the peels put on the charcoal stove

7. Cut the meat / chicken in consumable sizes after smoking it.

8. Blanch tomatoes to ease removal of the skin and chop them after.
Chop Onions, Green pepper, coat meal, carrots, Irish potato, and garlic.

Put all other chopped ingredients and salt in a saucepan, place them on a charcoal stove then cook

Add-(Optional) – Royco, curry powder spices, stock cube or seasoning cube, like meat masala, chicken masala; add little water until it starts boiling.

9. Get a basket/a source pan or any somewhat a wide dish and put our smoked luwombo/hole free banana leaf and place the pieces of meat inside the leaf and add the boiled tomato mixture (see step 8).

10. Fold the leaf and tie a tiny banana fiber to hold our Luwombo together with the mixture or soup.

11. Get an empty saucepan, add some small banana fruit stem, add some banana leaves, place the luwombo on and cover with about 2/4 or fresher banana leaves and place on fire on charcoal stove.

12. Boil / Steam for 2 to 3 hours on moderate heat until its ready

Please look out for the next episode on how to prepare Pilau (Fried rice).

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