How to look decent and stylish like Martha

How to look decent and stylish like Martha
Kaziro Martha looks smart in her attire.
Kaziro Martha looks smart in her attire.

Lady of the week: Martha Kaziro stole the show this week with her stylish and attractive look in her attire.

Right from the top to bottom, a 92% mark is worth her dress code.

A quick look at her head. Her hair style says it all and perhaps to other ladies, you just need to find out the salon where Martha does her hair from.

Though you may not attain the same looks, many salons around campuses can do it as long as you have the money.

The ear rings and the necklace makes Martha fit and ready for office work.

Her red court is weather friendly given today’s unpredictable rains that can disrupt your deadly appointments.

The Blue bag shows how responsible Martha is. Just like any lady, a self contained bag matters but it should match with the dress to have a stylish look.

Trust me, the Sumsung Galaxy in her hands is more than a laptop and a must have for any university student. With such a phone, you will not fail to connect with your friends on the different social networks.

What can I say about the finger nails? I just can’t say she scored  100% , but she deserves 150%.

As The Campus Times, “Kudos Martha Kaziro and keep it up.”

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