How to Make a Smoker Grill? (Welding Required)

Do you need a smoker grill for large parties, competitions, and catering? You can make it at home with a propane tank (250 gallons). Feel free to change the size of the tank as per your needs. It can be a great welding project for your outdoor parties.

Here are some simple instructions to make a smoker grill.

Design of Smoker

Arrange a propane tank made of ¼” thick steel. You can easily find this tank, but feel free to consider other kinds of pipes or steel tanks. Make sure to arrange a smokestack (6” to 10”) in diameter. The chimney can draw from the side of the cooking chamber instead of the top. It becomes necessary for the direct flow of smoke and hot air to cook meat on grates.

Materials and Tools

Required Tools:

  • Clamps
  • Abrasive wheels
  • Cut off wheels
  • Angle grinder
  • MIG welder
  • Jigsaw
  • Meta cutting circular saw
  • Metal cutting chop saw
  • Oxy-Acetylene Torch
  • Welder’s Magnets

Necessary Material:

  • Thermometer
  • Large pipe as smokestack
  • Flat bar stock for door seals
  • Tubing (handles and hinges)
  • Round stock (handles and hinges)
  • Angle iron (grate brackets)
  • Expanded metal (cooking grates)
  • Ceramic insulation: firebox
  • Square tubing: cooking grates and firebox
  • ¼” steel firebox plate
  • 250-gallon cook chamber (propane tank)

Cut the Doors

Mark out the place to cut a door. Use a soft tape or level to ensure straight lines. Carefully cut the door in the presence of a qualified welder. For durability, make sure to cut two doors. After cutting the door, you have to use different types of hinges. Weld your door on hinges and use L shaped bar pieces for maximum security.

It is possible to make your hinges with the use of round stock and tubing. Cut some tubing along with one round stock with your angle grinder. Moreover, you will need a metal chop saw and cut off wheel. Make sides of hinges by bending your round stock.

Door Handles

Door handles are available in the market. Feel free to create door handles similar to hinges. Bend more than two pieces of round stock and adjust a tube between them to make handles. These handles are useful to rotate tubes and lift the doors easily.

Door Seals

It is necessary to add trim along with the doors to avoid heat and smoke from coming out of cracks. A flat stock (1” x 1/8”) can be useful to seal doors. Carefully weld it down the door to complement the curvature. A flexible tape will help you to measure the length of curves.

Smokestack, Cooking Grate and Firebox

Create a smokestack with a steel pipe (5-inch to 10-inch diameter) and leave it long. Remember, a short chimney may not help you. In the next step, you will create a cooking grate. Feel free to choose two detachable cooking grates to increase your cooking surface.

You must have a small funnel tank or large pieces of steel pipes to build your firebox. Insulate this box with steel plates. Remember, you should do this work in the supervision of an expert. In the final stage, you will attach a firebox with a propane tank.

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