How To Manage Low, Medium and High Porosity Hair

If you have tested your hair and it falls in any of the above categories, the next step is knowing how to properly take care of it.  Finding the right products to use is equally important in making your hair flourish and grow stronger day by day. Remember, hair texture has nothing to do with hair porosity. These are two different aspects.

How to take care of low porosity hair


1. Use a prepoo treatment.

    A prepoo is simply a combination of penetrating oils like coconut, sunflower, olive, avocado, or grape seed oil, a conditioner containing oils, or a butter. Prepoo treatments are very beneficial for low porosity hair because they can add softness, slip which helps reduce frizz.

Some recommend applying this treatment hours before washing your hair. But if you don’t have that kind of time which many of us don’t, you can use a thermal heat cap or steamer for ½ hr and let it work its magic. After the treatment, wash thoroughly.

2. Always deep condition. Deep conditioning works best if you leave it on for a minimum of ½ hr but you can leave it on for as long as you like. For low porosity hair, I’ve found that deep conditioning works best with heat. Heat sources such as a steamer, a hooded dryer or a thermal heat cap work equally well. If you don’t have any of these items, simply cover your hair with a plastic cap (kaveera), put a hat on top of that and let your body heat do the work.


3.Mix water with your conditioner. I know we’re taught to just slather on conditioner straight from the bottle onto our hair. But it’s true what they say “water is the best moisturizer”. The point here is to saturate your entire head. Imagine, water aided by conditioner penetrating every inch of your dry strands. There’s nothing better. Divide your hair into sections and then work this conditioner mixture throughout.

4. Try using the GHE (greenhouse effect) method on your hair (either at night or when you have got a few hours and nowhere to go). Green house method is simply a way of infusing moisture into the hair by using a plastic bag(kaveera) and leaving it on for hours. It works wonders for the hair.



How to take care of high porosity hair


  1. Protein treatments. Incorporating protein treatments in your regimen is important for high porosity hair to gain strength and not break as frequently. If you cannot afford the processed protein products, you can use natural proteins like rice water. Hair experts confirm that incorporating rice water in your high porosity hair regimen helps it to grow stronger, softer and it therefore flourishes.

2. Deep conditioning. This is also necessary for your high porosity hair to help strengthen it. Go to your nearest beauty hair shop and look out for the various high porosity deep conditioning products.

      3.Sealing with butters or oils.  Butters and oils help your hair to retain as much moisture as possible. Remember high porosity hair naturals have a problem of hair drying out very fast.

     4. Make water your best friend. Water is one of the cheapest and most effective product high porosity naturals should rely on. When you notice that your hair is dry, spray it with water so that it is moisturized. Always move with a spray bottle.

 5.Apple cider vinegar and aloe vera. These two are effective in adding moisture to our dry hair. Always use them for the best results.

How to take care of medium porosity hair


  1. Avoid protein in your daily regimen.
  2. Deep condition periodically with a product that does not include protein.
  3. Use any solution of Avocado Deep Conditioner to keep your hair moisturized and nourished.

Note: Medium porosity hair flourishes more with minimal incorporation of protein in your daily hair regime.

Below are some videos that will elaborate more on the different hair porosities and products to use.

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