Makerere university LLB students to bull roast

From Goat roasting to Bull roasting; Due to public concern and for the good of everyone, we present to you;The proposed budget for the Makerere LLB 2010 class Bull roasting event scheduled for Thursday 5th June 2010 at the faculty gardens starting from 5:00pm.

Estimated number of people is 200 students.

Music system : 200,000
4 goats (1bull) 800,000
Charcoal stoves.5 200,000
Chicken 10. 100,000
Labour. 100,000
Drinks. 300,000
Miscellaneous. 100,000

Total. 1,800,000

Budget funding. Student collections, 1m 5000@ student from the 200 students.

Matures and any other contributors can raise about 800,000 to cater for the balance.

O.S. Mark Bamulanga.

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