How to Smile with Your Eyes during a Photo shoot

How to Smile with Your Eyes during a Photo shoot

Nothing is as infectious and contagious as a genuine smile! The only way to achieve such a smile while taking a photo is by smiling with your eyes. Most of us might not know how to smile with our eyes or we might not be aware that our smiles are plastic. Read on and get some tips on how to smile with those beautiful eyes during a photo shoot in order to get that perfect photo.

Student smiling with his eyes

Tips on how to smile with your eyes when taking a photo

  1. Chill Out. Relax.. This is the first step to smile with your eyes during a photo shoot. Do not be camera shy. Be confident, composed and give the photographer your best smile. Remember, all this starts with feeling good about yourself. Avoid the negative energies that could kill your vibe.

2. Focus On Something. Choose a focus point. This is advisable for the sake of your comfort. Choose to focus your eyes on something you are comfortable looking at. You can look straight at the camera and give your best smile (This is the best focus), look at a friend who can make you smile in case you moved with one, to mention but a few. But, make sure you give the photographer your best smile.

3. Giggle. You can even laugh out loud just in time for the photographer to capture that beautiful smile. But don’t over do it. You might spoil the photo instead.

4. Slightly Squint Your Eyes. If people who smile with their eyes have one thing in common, it is squinting their eyes slightly during a photo shoot. This gives off a more natural and not so forced smile(plastic)

5.Be Playful and Have Fun. Lastly, strive to enjoy your photo shoot. Do not be so uptight. Feel free, beautiful or handsome and just loosen up for that photo.

Feel beautiful, young and free..

Smile, it will either warm their hearts or piss them off. Either way you win

I hope you always find a reason to smile!

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