How to Surprise your loved ones with unique gifts on Valentine’s Day

How to Surprise your loved ones with unique gifts on Valentine’s Day

What to buy depending on the stage of your relationship: Buying a valentines gift is not only about being in love but the type of gift you buy for your loved one speaks a lot.

Don’t buy an engagement ring when you are just weeks in a relationship! You may scare her/him away!

As you celebrate this year’s Valentines Day, here is how you can manage it depending on the time you have been relating with each other.

New lovers: You are new and more probably don’t understand each other’s likes and dislikes. More so you don’t know how far the relationship may go. However this doesn’t stop you from buying a gift for him/her. Buy something that shows that you are really interested in your relationship and looking forward for a brighter future together without showing that you are desperate. The gift should indicate that you appreciate the little time that you have spent together. Dinner for two or sugar wish like candies or chocolate can save the day.

1-3 months: You are just a few steps from what we called ‘new lovers’ therefore avoid being complicated and stay simple. You can also make research of what she/he likes most or misses like asking some of his/her friends. Chocolates and perfumes can get you going. You can also buy a mug with tiny gold hearts but avoid sophisticated designs.

3-6 months: Jewelry is good at this level but keep it simple please. Don’t splash her/him with diamonds and gold otherwise he/she may think you corrupting her. A heart necklace may be the best since the prices ares lower though it is common. You can also opt for other jewelry depending on your taste but don’t pick overly pricey staff. You can also make him/her a cocktail that you can enjoy together.

If she is the get-cold-easily type, you can opt to buy for her/him a pair of stockings or a nice sweater.

6 months- A year: At this stage, you are well acquainted with one another’s like and dislikes. You know each other very well and what may please your lover. You may even be having part of each other’s clothing at your places. You know your feet sizes, waist sizes and chest sizes. Therefore it may not be a great burden surprising him/her without asking too much from friends. You should pick a gift that proposes that I love without necessarily indicating that you committed already. Simple jewelry that carries a love message is ideal for this stage; necklace, earrings, bracelets. You can also take him/her at a simple vacation and you take a picture of two. A flower pot is also a nice idea, a journal for those interested in writing, a diner for two can also work out.

Few years living together: Buy a gift that will not only boost on your love and romance but also indicate that you are happy and look forward to living together in future. You can choose utensils especially the ones you don’t have at home.

A nice dinner at home especially his/her best dish or a mix of a cocktail can get you covered.

Newlyweds: There is always a high spirit among the new couples especially when it’s the first valentines after the wedding. Opt for something special that also manifests your undying love for him or her. Love souvenirs, bed sheets and nice earrings are a good choice

Married for less than a decade: At this stage, most relationships are stumbling because of the demands both from your spouse and the kids. This valentines, choose something that will bring the family together. It may be taking the family to a place that remind you of the old golden memories or to a vacation in a nice soothing place like an island.

You can also pick a gift that your spouse cherishes most or has been dying to have.

Married for a decade-plus: This stage comes with so many hurdles. The aging and the demands added with the stubbornness of your kids in adolescence. Your attention may also have switched from your spouse to your children. All your partner may require is some space way from the daily hardships. Try revisiting old memories of you together. Visit the place of your first dinner date, your first meeting spot, you can also decide to look at your wedding album together.

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