How UGABUS saved my life

With the ever improving technology, it has become very easy for people to travel in a private car without owning one. One can actually come in a hired car (an Uber) and then pretend that they own it when they arrive.

Anyway let me not get off topic I was telling you about UGABUS, So you see how it is so easy for one to book a cab with a click of a thumb, because of it has become that easy for buses too.

So I was traveling home for the holidays in December and I realized that all the buses were booked, I had resigned to the fact that I will have Christmas in my small “kazigo” in Bunga until a friend told me about UGABUS.

So here are the very easy steps I took when I was first exposed to the Application

I downloaded the application and this is its interface


After installing the Application, I was led to this page

So after signing up for an account, I was able to input the details of my travel some of which included time and seat number.

Since I was going to Mbarara, I had to choose from the many buses that travel to Mbarara like Global coaches, Trinity, Ggaga among others. Also I had a choice of which seat number I wanted and how to send the money. I had a bus reservation in under an hour.

Key features about the UGABUS Application

  • Booking a bus at your finger tips
  • Having a variety of buses to choose from
  • Easy was of making payments that is mobile money
  • Choosing a comfortable seat
  • Booking buses hours to your travel time

So do not get stuck when getting bus when UGABUS is available for you.

Please download the app from the Android Play Store


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