Important things to Carry on a Trek into Uganda’s Wilderness

Important things to Carry on a Trek into Uganda’s Wilderness

The president of the Republic of Uganda , Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Saturday January 4, 2020 started on a 195km Africa Kwetu trek to Galamba-Bireemboto in Kakumiro district cerebrate freedom fighters’ heroic sacrifices for patriotism.

What stood out however is the fact that most of the trekkers, including president Museveni were carrying sticks.

Most Ugandans believe that Museveni carried the log

Here are some of the most important things that should never miss out on your trek in Uganda like…

  1. Water Abottle of water is a life saver and since Uganda experiences hot conditions, a trek with out water would be like a life committing journey. Note that most trek sites have no grocery stores, so possibilities of you buying water are less.      Image result for water bottle
  2. Trekking/Hiking boots Most routes in the Uganda forests are either slippery due to clay type of soil orthe gravelly soil. So to prevent slipping and falling, wear boots with sole-types that can support such conditions                                                                                                               
  3. A rain Jacket Weather conditions in Uganda are unreliable. You don’t want to reach the middle of the forest, only to be welcomed by a heavy rain pour with no jacket. The jacket should be heavy enough with a hood to protect you from the rains                                                      Image result for heavy rain jacket
  4. A trek stick There are modern trek-sticks available for sale in supermarkets. You can buy some of these although in Uganda they are hard to get unless you visit big supermarkets like Mega. Therefore, you may need to improvise and get a good log  to carry along for your trek. A stick is a good safety item to protect incase of an attack.                                                                      Image result for trekking stick      Image result for trekking stick in uganda
  5. A well charged phone with an extra battery and good network connection. Much as you will need a phone with a good camera for photo moments, you should consider carrying an extra phone with good internet and signal connection. This may be a life savior in many ways.
  6. Image result for trek pantsWatch what you wear-cap Don’t mind moving in non-matching wears so long as it is protective. Trekking thick Uganda forest is a challenge and may get worse with a poor dress-code. To prevent thorn scratches and other dangers, dress in a more strong trouser(consider jeans). Avoid shorts.
  7. Trek map. You don’t want to wide-up lost in the wilderness . It is the least place someone will be search for you unless you communicated your whereabouts.

 Rwenzori mountain Trek map

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