Kabale University refutes recent false media allegations

Kabale University refutes recent false media allegations

Our attention has been drawn to Articles which appeared in the Daily Monitor of 28th August 2017 and New Vision of 29th August 2017 about academic programs offered by Kabale University.  We find the said articles malicious and false.  We wish to state the correct facts as follows:

  1. Kabale University Pioneer Medical Students are only in the initial stages of their five-year programme. The allegation contained in the articles that the University is training fake doctors is false since the University has not graduated any doctors. The allegations are not only false and unsubstantiated but also maliciously designed to discredit the good name of the institution.
  2. The allegation that the University has admitted students who do not qualify to be admitted on medical programs is patently false. The requirements of the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) are followed to the letter. Kabale University received over 350 applicants who all qualified for admission into the medical program but could only admit the best 50 students due to quality assurance standards. Evidence to this effect can easily be availed to any interested party.
  3. It is equally false to allege that Kabale University has secretly admitted students to unaccredited medical programs. The admission process for all programs on offer is transparently executed through varied public fora, and the University Senate System.
  4. The allegation that programs in engineering which are on offer at Kabale University are not accredited is false. Engineering programs at Kabale University were accredited way back in 2010.
  5. It is worth noting that accreditation of academic programs is a multi-stage process, and is a preserve of the National Council for Higher Education, along with relevant professional bodies.

We also wish to point out that the persons behind the malicious articles are well known.  These are former members of administrative staff whose contracts were terminated during the restructuring process.  The same individuals have filed several cases which are still pending in Courts of Law.  Since the matters are still pending in Court, it is improper to make comments about the merits of the cases.

Finally, we wish to state that Kabale University is now a Government Owned and Funded University with competent administration.  We wish to assure all its stakeholders that the University adheres to quality assurance provisions of NCHE and observes Regional and International Academic Standards and Practices.

(From the office of academic registrar, Kabale University)

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