Kyambogo to Offer Cultural Heritage Course in 2020 Academic Year

Kyambogo to Offer Cultural Heritage Course in 2020 Academic Year
Peter Sserubidde , an assistant lecturer from the department of languages and communication addressing the cultural heritage public lecture at Kyambogo University. (Photo by Juliet Kasirye)

Kyambogo University is to offer a course on cultural heritage that will help in preserving Uganda’s culture and norms by 2020 academic year.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Kyazike, the dean for the faculty of arts and social sciences, the course will be covered in a three years’ bachelors program to be studied by students.

“There are currently few experts to help out in cultural heritage impact assessment especially where there are developments like oil, road constructions and others,” she said.

The course will be offered at the Islamic University In Uganda (IUIU), Kabale University, and Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi before it can be rolled out to other Universities across the country.

Kyambogo University was selected by the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda to craft a cultural heritage curriculum to be taught in all Uganda Universities.

The initiative is to be fully funded by  UNESCO.

To be eligible for this course, students are advised to take up humanities like history, geography and religious studies.

However, as Kyazike stated, students who offer sciences can still be considered for the course.



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