Katie Price reveals depression after her split with Kieran Hayler

Katie Price reveals depression after her split with Kieran Hayler

Tv Personality and model Katie Price has come out to express her difficulty feelings after separating with  Kieran Hayler, reveals depression.

She confesses mental disturbance after her third marriage breakup, as Kieran admitted to affairs and claimed he had a sex addiction.

Katie and Kieran were married for five years

‘There were days I’d wake up and didn’t want to get out of bed,’ Katie said at the launch of the show. ‘Kieran made me feel like that. I would think, “What have I got to get up for?” ‘Yeah I was depressed and mentally abused and it was so difficult [to film] this show. ‘You can see in my eyes I’m sad.’

During their first intense row, Kati Price was quoted saying she explodes at Kieran: ‘I shouldn’t be with you because of what you’ve done. I deserve better.’ Kieran says: ‘No you shouldn’t. You know what, Kate? You shouldn’t be with me.

However, now she’s on the way up and has a new lease on life. ‘I’ve come through it, now people can see, once you hit rock bottom you’ve got to go up,’ she said, as she credited new boyfriend Kris Boyson for coming into her life.

‘Kris is helping Harvey and of course I like that,’ she said of her weight-loss specialist beau who is training Katie’s eldest son, Harvey, 16. ‘He’s just very level headed and I think he’s definitely come into my life at the right time.




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