Kyambogo Student Confesses to Superior General Murder, says He was Victimized to Homosexuality

Late former Superior General of Brothers of St. Charles Lwanga, Brother Nobert Emmanuel Mugarura

Kyambogo University student,Robert Asiimwe, who was earlier charged in the murder of former Superior General of Brothers of St. Charles Lwanga,  Brother Nobert Emmanuel Mugarura, has confessed to the crime but claim it was out of self defense after getting tired of brother’s continuous sexual harassment.

Asiimwe claims the deceased subjected him to homosexuality as a reciprocal  for the brother’s generosity of paying the defendant’s tuition.

According to police reports, Asiimwe was sexually abused by the superior general for a period of seven years from when he was a student at St. Charles Lwanga in Kitabi, Bushenyi District upto when ‘hell broke loose’ and he decided to put an end to the life of his abuser.

“Available data on Brother Mugarura’s phone suggests that he had been harassing the accused since 2013. In the chat of the deceased with Asiimwe on July 2, Mugarura acknowledged having met him over 30 times before to engage in sodomy” investigators say.

Investigations also point to several other sexual abuse in Brother instructed schools in Masaka conducted by the deceased by luring them into posh hotels and Monasteries including Rubaga.

Information from the brother’s phone, according to police reports, pointed to pornographic content which he used to send to the murderer student and the arranged appointment to do the fateful act.

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