Kyambogo University academic calender for 2013/2014

Kyambogo University academic calender for 2013/2014
Kyambogo University
Kyambogo University

Kyambogo University revised academic calender for 2013/2014 academic year.


Continuation of Semester I 2013/2014 (After 10 weeks of uninterrupted teaching)

1 Tuesday 20th October 2013 to Sunday 17th November Interruption of Lectures due to staff strikes(3 weeks)
2 Monday 18th November 2013 to Sunday 15th December 2014 Resumption of Lectures (4 weeks)
3 Monday 16th December 2013 to Thursday 2nd January 2014 Semester one break (for all students for 3 weeks)
4 Sunday 15th December 2013 to Friday 20th December 2013 National inter University Games at UCU, Mukono.
5 Thursday 02nd January 2014 Students Reports to Halls of Residence /Hostels
6 Monday 06th January 2014 to Sunday 26th January 2014 Administration of semester I Examinations for all students
7 Sunday 26th January End of Semester I 2013/2014
8 Sunday 26th January 2014 to Sunday 09th February 2014 Central Marking of Semester I 2013/2014 Exams

Semester II 2013/2014 (Monday 27th January 2014 to Sunday 25th May 2014-17 weeks)

1 Monday 27th January 2014 Lectures start for all students
2 Monday 10th February t0 Sunday 23rd February 2014 ITCSP Placement
3 Thursday 20th February 2014 and Friday 21st February 2014 10th Graduation Ceremony (Third week of February )
4 Thursday 29th May 2014 and Friday 2nd May 2014 Briefing of Invigilators/ Scouts bY Heads of Departments (2 days)
5 (a)(b) Monday 06th May 2014 to Sunday 25th May 2014.Monday 26th May 2014 to Sunday 08th June 2014 Administration of Semester II Exams (3 weeks) Central Marking of Semester II Exams (2 weeks)
6 Monday 26th May 2014 to Sunday 06th June 2014 School/College Practice (6 weeks, the last 4 weeks of supervision)
7 Monday 26th May 2014 to Sunday 03th August 2014 Industrial Training / Community Practice (10 weeks, the last 4 weeks of Supervision)
8 Monday 21st July 2014 to Wednesday 30th July 2014 External Examination of Theory Papers (10 weeks)


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