Kyambogo University Ready to Recruit Cuban Lecturers

Prof. Elly Katunguka, the Vice Chancellor of Kyambogo University

The Vice Chancellor of Kyambogo University has confirmed the importation of Lecturers from Cuba. Prof Elly Katugunka while addressing journalists at the university said the Cuban lecturers are expected in Uganda before the next academic year which starts in August 2018.

” Over 10 Cuban professors from various universities have been interviewed….”, Prof Katugunka said.

The Cuban lecturers will boost Kyambogo University man power in the field of engineering, science and education.

Katunguga said Kyambogo University is yet to sign a Memorandum Of Understanding with the Cuban government before notifying the ministries of education and public service to seek approval of recruitment of non-Ugandans.

Prof Katunguka noted that the shortage of such scholars in the Uganda and the region is one of the main reasons for outsourcing the Cuban associated professors and professors.


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