Kyambogo University Vice Chancellor warns Freshers over Cornmen

Kyambogo University Vice Chancellor warns Freshers over Cornmen

Kyambogo University Vice Chancellor Prof Elly Katunguka has issued a warning to the incoming freshers about the Cornmen, according to a press conference held on Tuesday July 17 2018.

Katunguka said he is aware of men around Banda who have been deceiving freshers to pay money to them so that they are  helped in searching for hostels.

“We have got information that many students have been conned around Kyambogo being told that they pay money and then they will be given hostels where to stay. These conmen are all over campus, they are in Banda, they are everywhere, so students should be very careful to whom they pay money,” The Kyambogo Uviversity Vice said.

He  highlighted on the issue of fake admission letters that are being issued by cornmen to freshers.

“Another information we have is that some students have been given fake admission letters, the letters not originating from the academic registrar’s department and they are being sold to them  that this is your admission letter and then they pay about fifty to a hundred thousand (50,000 – 100,000), He added.

 Katunguka advised students that services like admission letters, hostel allocation are for free and shouldn’t be paid for.
Fresh students coming to Kampala for the first time should be on the look out for conmen asking them for money, for services, Kyambogo University does not charge for any service whether to give you an admission letter, whether to allocate a hostel to you, or whether to do anything. So make sure you don’t pay these people.” Katunguka said.


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