LDC to Decentralize Graduation, Each Campus to Hold Separate Ceremony

LDC to Decentralize Graduation, Each Campus to Hold Separate Ceremony

Students at the Law Development Centre (LDC) will soon be graduating from their respective campuses of study.  

This is after management confirmed the decision to decentralise its graduation ceremony to all its regional campuses.

According to the centre, the decentralization is aimed at cutting costs incurred by students while travelling to attend the graduation ceremony in Kampala.

Frank Obonyo, the LDC senior public relations officer, the initiative intends to nurture stakeholders to participate in celebrating the success of students whom they train and the need for upcountry staff and development.

“Decentralising the graduation will give parents a sense of ownership, the opportunity to visit and appreciate the learning environment of their children and decentralisation of support to service providers and the local economies,” said Obonyo.

LDC has been holding its graduation ceremony centrally at its headquarters in Kampala. However, with the new move, graduation ceremonies will be held at its branches in Lira and Mbarara.

This will take effect with the forthcoming graduation in June following the recent release of the results.

“Starting with the forthcoming graduation, campus shall hold each their separate ceremonies at their premises, starting with Mbarara campus on June 16, Lira on June 23 and finally. Kampala campus on June 30,” according to an article shared by New Vision.

It is important to note that all ceremonies are expected to be fully physical, but also streamed live through all LDC socials.

LDC director Frank Nigel Othembi said the respective campuses shall also carry on independent duties in areas such as assessment, conducting their official admission, teaching and moots at their respective centers.

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