Learning to Say No

By Ddamba M Deogratius

Campus students. Say no where need be

This word, “say no” is phonetically identical to the word Ar-senal, Big up to Arsenal fans. The point therefore, it is worth understanding though, It is simple and easy to say, “No” But one wonders why and how it becomes complicated in everyday life.

According to researchers, it’s a character for most Ugandans to miss a “No” in their tongue! First, let’s have a glance at the businessmen, viz-a-viz supplier, agents, brokers and other traders who take up contracts. It has been noted with concern that even when a Ugandan agent knows to the top of his consciousness that he has a load, in fact, a big load of appointments unaccomplished, he cannot fail to claim that he is not busy! You may inquire, “Sir, are you busy? I wanted you to help me with this…!” The fellow would reply, of course not, am not loaded! Hmm!! Amen? Do you know what would happen then? At the end of it all when time for finishing the work and handing it over, the guy would be nowhere to be seen. His phone off and subsequently disappearing from his home of residence, imagine!

For men it’s worse, I mean when it’s time for love. By the way it’s not an easy thing, for a beautiful girl to ask for love and a man refuses, even when he knows mama baby is at home. Worse still, even if it’s him who begun asking a girl for the same, he would still deny being hooked with sex on demand from the girl!

Hah, but with students’ swagg, the finding above may not apply especially when a test is abrupt. When the teacher asks, “did I promise you a test last week?”, Even if he had promised one, everyone would reply Noooo. Its only here that I have seen people say NO, on scenarios that would positively affect them. We meet, come paradise.

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