Lyto Boss put behind bars for 'Anjagala' song

Lyto Boss put behind bars for 'Anjagala' song

Musician Lyto Boss real names,Derrick Katongole has ended up in prison. It all began when Lyto Boss opened up a case at Police, accusing Irene Namubiru of what he called stealing his song ‘Anjagala’.

He alleged that Irene had recorded the song without paying for it.
However, Irene says she paid Shs1 million to Catherine Kusasira, the person who handed the song to her.

It was on this ground that she also opened up a parallel case accusing Lyto Boss and Kusasira of conspiring to defraud her.

She accuses Lyto Boss of selling her the song and going ahead to record the same.

Police arrested Kusasira and threw her behind bars for over two days though she was later released on police bond.

But for all of this time, Lyto Boss has been on run. In spite of various court summons ordering him to appear at court, he vehemently refused to turn up.

Entebbe Magistrate court issued an arrest warrant for him last week after he failed to show up with Kusasira as ordered. Kusasira, who returns to court on 21 September had promised to return with him.

However, his luck ran out Wednesday when he was picked up by police from his studios in Makerere.
He was driven to Entebbe police station before he was finally taken to court.

Here, magistrate Beatrice Kayinza read him a charges of fraud, which he denied.
He was remanded to Kigo, a prison where his co-accused, Kusasira spent a whole weekend.He will return to court on Monday, 31 August.

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