Makerere University Guild Update on Tuition Payment

Makerere University Guild Update on Tuition Payment
Guild Information Minister Davidson Ndyabahika
Guild Information Minister Davidson Ndyabahika

Greetings colleagues, allow me behalf of Makerere university students’ guild leadership present to the general student’s fraternity on key issues in our University.

• We have noted with utmost concern of the issue of the tuition payment. The guild acknowledges receipt of a reminder from office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Finance and Administration on the issue of tuition payment deadline.

We have been engaged in discussions, and deliberations with the university management on the possibilities of having the tuition payment deadline extended and we are yet to find a binding communication to that effect.

To that effect, the guild cabinet had a meeting with the Vice Chancellor Prof. Ddumba Ssentamu and the Dean of Students on Wednesday September 30 at 2:00 PM in Senior Council Room Main Building where among other things we discussed was this issue.

We asked management to extend the deadline for both registration and tuition payment. Our reasons for extension visibly include;

1. Allowing students access the university services while payments are ongoing since we agreed that since the university regulations commit us to have paid tuition before sitting for examinations.

2. That since majority students in this institution who are privately sponsored come from not well to do families, and aware of the current economic challenges our families are going through, we be given an extension so as to adequately allow our parents prepare tuition payment.

In the same vein, with the ongoing hope and anticipation of a demonstration as we earlier learnt, the guild leadership would like to guide the students fraternity as follows;

1. That while the doors are still open for students’ leaders and management to allow for dialogue and negotiations, it is prudent that we refrain from thinking of a strike as of now and we provide room for dialogue to take place.

2. That in event of failure to agree on the way forward with the student leadership and management on the current situation, which is unlikely, the guild shall guide the students’ fraternity appropriately on how to approach the matter.

3. That as students we should remind ourselves that whereas we demand for services from the university, in our heart of hearts, we should think of paying our dues at an appropriate time. Aware of course that the university is underfunded and thus has to keep operating.

The writer, Davidson Ndyabahika is the Guild Information Minister, Makerere university

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