We can win as one – Nkumba university Guild President

Nkumba University Guild President, Madinah Zalwango
Nkumba University Guild President, Madinah Zalwango

By Madinah Zalwango, 2nd female Guild President at Nkumba

For every one of us who walks into Nkumba University gate back from holidays, I welcome you back.  Our coming back should be a reminder to our primary objective that we all set-out for ourselves.

The constant promises we make to ourselves, parents and the future ahead of us should be fulfilled such that our time at University is not wasted.

We should aim at academic progress and we will joyfully move out of Nkumba University with degrees, certificates, diplomas and PhD’s.  We have to assist and pray for one another in working to achieve this endeavor.

I thank you for trusting and believing that I should lead the next Guild administration of Nkumba university. I thank you for giving me the opportunity.

Those who were voted although not by the majority but by a great number of students in the guild elections, I’m aware you are equally leaders. Our success then as leaders can only endure if we work together to deliver our campaign promises.

Fellow students, our problems are deeper than just the individuals serving in Nkumba University Guild.  We cannot afford to individualize our social problems to either the former or current Guild leaders because we are merely drivers that keep changing every academic year.

The solution to our problems does not only lie in reviewing the Guild constitution or our rules but also lies in our endeavor to find a way to offer ourselves as students a strong sense of oneness; we should unite with binding, genuine mutual obligations towards each other.

In that oneness directly or indirectly, our individual problems of tuition, lack of pocket money, worries about our boyfriends and girlfriends etc will be solved.

As one students’ body, we can wage a war on our problems but we should not also forget the war intended for our social and moral regeneration.

We should never lose sight of our academic objectives because of problems we can always avoid.   Ladies and gentlemen, we should take care of one another.

Let’s pay tuition when it’s given and let us avoid academic interruptions like unwanted pregnancies and people who connive us of tuition and pocket money.

Do the right things at the right time with the right people and at the end, we shall be able to own the success of our efforts.

I believe there is a lot that we can achieve if we adopt a working relationship that is not chaotic. My effort and those I serve with will be geared towards fighting chaos and corruption in the Guild.

As a students’ body, when you sit back and don’t demand services, you make it easy for those in power to do what they want with your resources which may not be in your interests.  Our efforts are tagged together in serving this University where we find ourselves.  Let’s play our roles.

This thus calls for us to understand what we want and then devise means of how to extract those things that we reasonably want for ourselves.  We need to have a conviction of love for one another in a bid to hold each other’s arm so that we all walk out of Nkumba as heroes and masters of the time spent at campus.  We can live up to this expectation if we are together and certain of what we want.

The mistakes of those who served before us are an opportunity for us to serve with extreme clarity. We can achieve this by changing some of the old formulas that they used. It will be wastage of time if we don’t give relentless commitment to those beliefs and visions we hold dear to ourselves as students – it’s supposed to be sacrifice itself.


For God and my Country

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