Makerere University Launches Intensive Training for Public Officers

Makerere University Launches Intensive Training for Public Officers

The Public Investment Management Centre of Excellence at Makerere University has launched a transformative five-day training program for over 30 public officers from various government agencies. Held in Jinja, this program aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of public officers in effective investment management, underscoring the university’s commitment to excellence in public service.

The training, which commenced on July 1, 2024, was inaugurated by the Principal of the College of Business and Management Sciences, who highlighted the importance of capacity building in public institutions for efficient public investment management.

“We are committed to equipping our public officers with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage public investments efficiently. This training is a testament to our dedication to excellence in public service,” stated the Principal.

Ms. Getrude Basiima from the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, the funding agency for this program, attended the opening ceremony. She emphasized the Ministry’s dedication to supporting initiatives that foster economic development.

“The Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development is proud to support this initiative. We believe that investing in the professional development of our public officers is crucial for the sustainable growth of our nation’s economy,” remarked Ms. Basiima.

Proper Public Investment Management (PIM) is critical for ensuring the effective use of government resources. It involves meticulous planning, allocation, and monitoring of public funds to maximize socio-economic benefits and minimize wastage. Effective PIM leads to improved infrastructure, better public services, and enhanced economic growth, ultimately contributing to the overall well-being of citizens.

Throughout the training, participants will engage in interactive sessions and practical exercises on various topics, including project planning, financial analysis, risk management, and performance evaluation. This initiative by the Public Investment Management Centre of Excellence underscores Makerere University’s role as a leader in fostering professional development and enhancing the capacity of public sector professionals in Uganda.


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