Makerere University reaps big from the Makerere hill road

Makerere University reaps big from the Makerere hill road

Makerere University has earned itself a new look with nine roads constructed, safer paved walkaways and street lighting. This is made possible using the compensation funds secured from the Government of Uganda during the implementation of the Kampala institutional and Infrastructural Development Project (KIIDP2) in particular, the Makerere hill road.

These new university roads stretch a total of three kilometers and are constructed by contractors procured by KCCA.

Some of the new roads in Makerere University are around, University Hall, Mary Stuart Hall, Lumumba Hall, Mitchel Hall, Livingston Hall, and the Institute of Technology.

The well-lit roads are a result of a negotiated in-kind compensation with Makerere University Management.  The University consented to offer some of its land for the upgrade and expansion of Makerere Hill Road, which runs from Wandegeya to Nankulabye.

Another in-kind compensation the University is receiving is a remodeled, wider, and beautified University Main Gate.  This will help serve the high volumes of traffic and numbers of students entering and leaving the University during rush hours.

According to KCCA, the road to the Main Gate will be fitted with traffic lights at the junction with Makerere Hill road, in order to regulate the flow of traffic.

It will have six lanes, walkways plus islands for enhanced safety of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

All historical artifacts of the Main Gate such as the emblem will be preserved.  Likewise, professional landscaping, trees and vegetation is planned around the gate.

KCCA is also constructing a perimeter wall around the campus to further secure the University. Furthermore, a new administrative block is being built at Makerere College School. This two-storied block is nearing completion except for minor works such as painting, and tiling. Also, a signalized pedestrian crossing will be installed near Makerere College School to ensure safety of students.

Meanwhile, work on Makerere Hill Road is progressing with a completion rate of 40 percent. This road will be a dual carriageway with clear signage and three signalized junctions at Makerere University Main Gate, Gaddafi Road, Sir Apollo Kaggwa Junction and Nankulabye Roundabout.

The oldest public university in Uganda is boasting of a robust road network, raised walkways, lit streets that guarantee safety.

With the impending completion of the Main entrance, perimeter wall, and improved access, the University will enjoy a conducive environment for academic excellence.

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