Melania Trump Reveals She is “The Most Bullied Person In The World”

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Melania Trump in Ghana in bold red striped dress(RIGHT) carrying a baby: COURTESY PHOTO
America First lady Melania Trump has revealed she might be one of the most bullied person in the world.
In an interview with ABC on Thursday Mrs Trump said that considering what she receives as comments on her social media posts, she could be the most bullied.
“I could say I’m the most bullied person on the world,” Melania Trump told ABC News in an interview that took place during her trip this month to Africa.

She declared that cyber bullying is one of the major reason her Be Best initiative was introduced to promote a conducive media environment.

“That is why my ‘Be Best’ initiative is focusing on social media and online behavior.” Melania remarked.

Mrs Trump has always received a series of criticism especially from her dress code which critics find rather appalling to the event she attends.
On her first solo tour to Africa, she wore a white pith helmet while on safari in Kenya which drew comparisons to a 19th century colonial administrator.

In Egypt, Melania wore white pants, a pleated white shirt and a black tie with a beige jacket — with comparisons to Michael Jackson, fictional character Carmen Sandiego, and the French archaeologist villain in the first Indiana Jones movie.

In rare comments to the press before departing Egypt, Trump said she wanted “to talk about my trip and not what I wear.”

One queer incident in June, while attendingĀ an immigrant children’s shelter in Texas, she wore she raised eyebrows when she visitedĀ  wearing a trench coat with the words “I really don’t care, do u?” emblazoned on the back.

Despite the catty online comments, Trump said that her time in the White House has been positive.

“I am enjoying it. I really love to live in the Washington and the White House,” she told ABC.


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