Most Efficient Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Essay Writing Activity

Writing skills improvement needs a lot of effort but reward at the end
Writing skills improvement needs a lot of effort but reward at the end

If you got inspired to improve your academic writing skills, hold on to it! There are simple ways that will help you achieve dramatic improvement. The key to a good result is consistency, so try to keep the following tips in your mind every time you are about to type a new paper.

Take Advantage of Academic Writing Services

Dramatic writing skills improvement needs a lot of effort. While you’re working on it, trust some of the most difficult assignments to specialized writing services. “Pay someone to write my essay” industry is blooming, so rest assured you will find a reliable company. And while professionals are working on your current papers, get ready for some new habits.

Apply the 80/20 Rule to Your Studies and Academic Writing

The Pareto principle, or the 80/20 rule, can change your goal setting forever. It was initially created to describe cases in economics and business. However, the rule can be used in literally any field, and it works!

The basis is that 80% of the final result comes from the main 20% of the work. Think of the time you spend writing the first draft and then of the time for perfecting the details. The latter takes way too much time, but you can improve the speed and quality of your writing. Decrease the 80% of the time you spend on editing the smallest mistakes.

Think of how you can take less time on that 20% of work. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Use automatic services.
    These will help you check the text for small mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

  • Ask a friend to assist in editing.
    While you’re checking for mistakes, ask someone to edit the structure and logic.

  • Use proofreading strategies.
    Don’t read the paper 100 times in a row trying to spot mistakes. Let it sit for some time so you can get a fresh glance at it the next day.

That’s an example of a “work smart, not hard” method. You become more efficient by developing a certain technique of writing academic papers. It will save you from skipping deadlines in the future.

Work on Your Paper Structure Skills

Read as much as you can about outlining academic papers. If you have difficulties with finishing assignments, get stuck a lot, or can’t understand the paper when proofreading it, you may have structuring issues.

When you plan a paper from introduction to conclusion, you can’t possibly get stuck. And the more detailed the plan is, the more efficient the following steps will become.

Here are some tips on outlining an essay:

  • If making a list doesn’t work, try creating a concept map.
    Write the main topic or question of the essay in the middle of the page and fill the rest of the sheet with ideas. Structure them afterwards to determine the main and additional parts of the future paper.

  • Brainstorm for ideas when you get stuck.
    If you don’t know what to begin with, write down everything that comes to your head on the topic of the essay. You’ll need these ideas to make the outline more detailed.

  • Use cause-effect or logic to give your paper an easy-to-understand structure.
    When answering questions, think of which fact or argument flows into which. First, apply this to the main body paragraphs, then do the same to every paragraph or vice versa.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you don’t attempt applying your new knowledge to practice, you won’t improve your academic writing. Any skill needs it, but it doesn’t mean you should write the same essay all over again. Try incorporating the elements of essay writing into your day-to-day activities. Here’s what you can do:

  • If you have a diary, write small essays about your day;

  • If you like reading, try writing small papers on your favorite books;

  • If you like music, write stories about your favorite bands and songs;

  • If you have a blog, apply the structure of an essay to every post.

Besides, you can improve your grades along with your skills. Keep in touch with your teachers and find out whether there are any additional assignments. You’ll get another topic for practice and a great evaluation of the progress.

Never Stop Improving

There’s always a higher level, and you shouldn’t hesitate to aim for it. Improving your skills only needs constant work if you want dramatic changes in a short time. But as you reach the goal, relax a bit. When students overload themselves with tasks, they get sick of them. That’s partially why so many of you hate studies.

Balance practice and rest, incorporate that 80/20 rule to everything in your life. And as you develop new habits, you’ll notice that standard college essays aren’t that difficult anymore.

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