Music Review: Abatuzoleya By Jozy UG

Singer Jozy UG releases a brand new song titled ‘Baliwa Abatuzoleya’ in which he uses his own life story to inspire the listener.

Based in Norway, Jozy UG is a Ugandan singer who looks forward to cementing his musical influence back home in the +256.

He is back with another inspiration song dubbed “Baliwa Abatuzoleya”, a Luganda dialect translated to mean “Where Are Those That Used To Mock Us?”

In the lyrics, Jozy UG talks about the hustle he faced while growing up and how he was undermined by many people.

Produced by Ronnie the song comes along with cinematic visuals through which he looks to visualize what is embedded in the lyrics.

The script is about someone who grew up in a struggling family background in the village with his grandmother.

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