Music Review: Chai We Njaye by Omutume Planet

Music Review: Chai We Njaye by Omutume Planet

It has taken the country by storm. And the video, yes, the video is perfect madness.

It is comical, it is dramatic.

It recreates the funeral scene, to be exact, the Chairman’s funeral scene. It mimics the confusion that arises when one of the frustrated fellows drugs the team of mourners.

And the funeral moves from being a funeral to a confusion led one. People are dancing. People are hallucinating.

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Instead of a preacher, people are seeing celebrity musicians. Not that it is an expensive set, but it captures the story. You want to re-watch it.

It brings a comical twist to death. Perhaps it is not that serious. Perhaps it should be a celebration.

It is this visual existential questioning, that makes one appreciate the effort that went into the video. The ability to maximize a single scene…

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