Music Review: Nakukyawa By Victor Kamenyo

After all the fracas between Victor Kamenyo and his former girlfriend Ruth Akoragye Angora, the “Nduulu” singer rushed to the studio to add beats and a rhyming voice to their differences.

He has recorded a new song dubbed “Nakukyawa” which is translated to “I chucked you”, in which he bashes Angora to the born marrow.

In this song, he sings, “you treated me in a bad way and I chucked you”, to which he adds, “I do not need a person who disrespects me”.

In one of the verses, he hits harder, “You thought I was stuck but it’s you that had tied me up, you had even hindered my blessings.”

“Instead of cooking, you were looking after your nails,” he continues to bite.

Well, Kamenyo seems to have moved on and is not eyeing any return. Talking in an interview, he said he is done with his ex and does not want to look back.

“I have healed and moved on. We sing about what we feel and that’s it. I think she doesn’t need me and I do not need her too,” he said.

The two broke up months ago after claims that Kamenyo was seeing another woman besides her. He dismissed the claims and made amends with her but she was not ready for the swing.

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