Music Review: Njagala Money By Kataleya and Kandle

 Music Review: Njagala Money By Kataleya and Kandle

The ill-advised journey that defines the music that is produced by Kataleya and Kandle continues with this blatantly flat song.

Theron Music is the musical stable behind the girls, and they throw everything at them, with sizeable social media coverage, sponsored posts, and regular gigs, countrywide.

And here’s what’s frustrating – the girls can actually sing.

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But instead of exploring this facet of their abilities, Theron Music prefers to market them as social media vixens. To get an idea of their preferred career direction, the single preceding this was an intellectual gem of a song called Nyash. Their music videos are essentially lengthened TikTok videos.

On Njagala Money, the girls sing about their love for the aforementioned money, and how one should not think about approaching them for any liaison of any sort without first ensuring they have the aforementioned money.

The song captures the transactional ethos that the girls appear to hint at in their music videos, and reinforces the idea of music management firms in Kampala practically being pimps looking to market their products to willing buyers (and no, I cannot be the first person to think this).

And so they will put out track after track, with canned instrumentation backing the girls singing songs that sound like they were written by a housemaid high on a drug that is also an aphrodisiac. Along with the appropriate video of course.

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