Music Review: Omutima –Lydia Jazmine

The song itself is a little easy on the ear, which might sound like an odd thing to say – but Omutima might be symbolic of what seems to be wrong with Lydia’s career at the moment.

She simply hasn’t been dropping anything memorable – all she appears to have is pleasant, forgettable music. This is almost unforgivable because of a number of reasons, first of which is: Lydia Jazmine can sing. She is not a reincarnation of Aretha Franklin, no sir. But she does have some pleasant pipes on her.

Second: she’s dropped something of a banger before. I know I keep bringing this up, but her performance in that collaboration with Daddy Andre, on You and Me, was proof that Lydia had the capacity to drop a track that stayed with you.

There’s a school of thought that she just happened to be along for the ride on what was a successful Daddy Andre vehicle, but I don’t agree. Everyone stopped to ask: Who’s that girl? When that track dropped.

And that’s the problem with Omutima – while it’s a pleasant track and all, no one is topping to ask the same question.

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