Music Review: Sam Wange By Sheebah ft Daddy Andre

Music Review: Sam Wange By Sheebah ft Daddy Andre

Sam Wange is about perspective. It hits differently. For those with context of the Kadongo-Kamu vibe, one gets a feeling that the videos are remixed with too much disco.

The dance choreography is overblown, the characters are too many for this intimate video.

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On the other hand, one gets a feeling that the video is daring, it breaks the boundaries, it creates a new world, new memories. Sheebah’s full energetic display, and Andre’s sleek boy appearance.

He comes off as a smooth operator in this video.

In the end, perhaps we needed a more intimate video, one with trimmed characters, one that builds up a story.

This video does not have a proper direction. There is no story to follow.

Great on visuals, great on daring moves, but there is no plot. And for a kadongo-kamu song, that story counts, that flow from one point to the next.

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