Music Review: Sembera By Geosteady ft Prima

Music Review: Sembera By Geosteady ft Prima

After going their separate ways for two years, singer Geosteady and baby mama, Prima Kardash are closer than ever before.

According to Geosteady, Prima was disrespectful and violent. On the other hand, Prima claims that the singer was a cheat, hence why they couldn’t stay together any longer.

In the song, Gesoteady sings about her as a strong mother who takes good care of him and their offspring.

Singer Geosteady and Wife Prima

Sembera’, is a song that will hit the right chords for lovers. It was produced by Bass Boi with the video shot by Aaronaire.

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 Sembera is a love song in which Geosteady asks his lover to be by his side as he cannot live happily without her.

He showers her with lots of praise describing her beauty and what a wonderful woman she is before vowing to love her without holding back.

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