Nagirinya Murder Suspect Convicted

Nagirinya Murder Suspect Convicted

The Director of Public Prosecution has dropped charges against Raymond Marcos Okori for his alleged involvement in the murder of former social worker, Maria Nagirinya.

The late Nagirinya was murdered together with his driver, Ronald Kitayimbwa on August 28th, 2019 following their kidnap at Lungujja.

This comes after one suspect Isaac Ssenabulya a.k.a Kisunsu pleaded guilty for the kidnap and double murder of Nagirinya and her driver Kitayimbwa.

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Nagirinya was entering her house when she was kidnapped and killed.

 Police detained two suspects, including Raymond Marcos Okori, Hamza Kateregga alias Arsenal, John Lubega alias Barros, Hasan Kisekku and Ivan Mutagubya.

On Tuesday, the case was referred to High Court Criminal Judge Isaac Muwata.

Prosecution led by state Attorney, Jonathan Muwaganya is now demanding that Senabulya be sentenced to death for the murder of two innocent Ugandans and that other potential perpetrators are deterred.

Muwaganya however said that he is aware that the death penalty is no longer mandatory in Uganda, but that serving time is a good punishment. 

Muwaganya added that despite the fact that he pleaded guilty without losing court time and that there was no clear criminal record against him, the court had a noble duty to deliver an appropriate sen

“Even asking for a maximum sentence is asking for so little, the convict is dangerous to the community he should be incapacitated from the possibility of committing any crime again,” Muwaganya told Court.  

However, the defence lawyer Julius Sselwambala said that since Senabulya is a young man who can become useful in society, he needs to be rehabilitated.

Sselwambala also said that the prisoner did not waste time on trial and was a first-time criminal.

High Court Judge Isaac Muwata set February 22, 2023 to sentence Senabulya. Prosecutors presented two witnesses, including Maria Nagirinya’s father Francis Anthony Lubowa, and Ronald Kitayambwa’s brother, Lawrence Mukasa.

 However, Prosecutors told the court there were more than 30 witnesses ready to testify in the case. The hearing continues tomorrow.

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