Nkumba University closed over students' endless strike

Nkumba University closed over students' endless strike
Nkumba University Vice  Chancellor Prof. Hannington Ssengendo Speaking To Students
Nkumba University Vice Chancellor Prof. Hannington Ssengendo Speaking To Students

Nkumba University has closed after students refused to call off a strike that started on Monday 17th November 2014.

Resident students were forced out of hostels after a 30 minutes ultimatum was given to them by the university authorities to vacate the university premises.

Shortly after, Nkumba University was officially closed on Wednesday 19th November 2014 through a statement read by Dr. Bwatike Matovu, Chairperson Nkumba University Council. The statement reads as follows;

Nkumba University
Office Of The Chairperson University Council
1.0 Monday November 17, 2014.
On Monday November 17, 2014 students of Nkumba university rioted and caused extensive damage to university property and other property in the neighborhood. The students were protesting the following:
A) The deadline for registration for end of August semester Examination had been set for November 16, 2014.
B) Increase in fees of missed papers from Shs. 20,000/= to sh.50,000
C) Increase in late registration charge from 50,000/= to 100,000/=
D) Increase of retakes fees from shs.100, 000/= to shs.200,000/=.
E) The deadline for submission of the Non-residence forms.
F) The release of the list of the first batch of students who had cleared to sit for examinations. The students thought that the list was conclusive and that therefore no more students would be permitted to sit for examinations.
The university hereby categorically states that all these were unfounded allegations. FOR EMPHASIS, THE UNIVERSITY HAS NOT MADE ANY FEES INCREMENT WHATSOEVER.
2.0 Interventions made to restore normalcy at the university
1. The police worked hard and temporarily contained the student unrest.
2. Thereafter Management led by the Vice chancellor met with a team of student leaders led by the Guild Prime, Mr. Harunah Nsibuka, together with security officials of Entebbe area headed by the District police Commander held a meeting to chart a way forward on the matters raised. It was agreed and clarified as follows:
a) There had been no fees increment of any sort. Fears of these increments were unfounded.
b) The deadline for the students’ clearance and registration for the end of august Semester examinations was extended from Sunday November 16th,2014 to Saturday 22, 2014.
c) The examinations were to be proceeded as scheduled on Wednesday November 19, 2014
d) The Guild prime minister was to collect all the Non residence forms and hand them over to the Dean of students. The clearance of Non residence was extended to November 22, 2014.
e) The Dean of students, Mr. David Kasasa, should communicate to the students these resolutions on the evening of November 17, 2014. This was done.
Despite these interventions the students continued with the strike and destruction of property.
In view of these developments, the Executive Committee of the council as mandated by the university Charter (section 21) has decided to temporarily close the university with immediate effect.
Students are therefore directed to vacate the university hostels and other premises by 2.00.p.m. today Wednesday November 19, 2014.
Students will be informed in the media of the date of resumption and any other pertinent information.
The university shall remain out of bounds to all students until the date of resumption.
David B. Matovu

Chairperson University Council

Students have been protesting against what most of them termed as “harsh policies” aimed at failing their academic journey.

Nkumba University Students Walking  Back after the university was closed
Nkumba University Students Walking Back after the university was closed

The University through the office of the Academic Registrar headed by Obonyo Christine Kyayonka had increased  retake  fees  from  shillings 100,000  to  200,000/=  and charges for a  missed  paper  from  shs20,000-100,000/=.

The  academic registrar of Nkumba University, Obonyo Christine Kyayonka  and  former  Kyambogo  University  academic  registrar had also  introduced  a  late registration  fee  of   shillings  50,000/= to students who  complete tuition fees payment late.

Anti-Riot Police Seal Off  Nkumba University Campus
Anti-Riot Police Seal Off Nkumba University Campus

Follow link for details of the strike: Nkumba University strike: Academic Registrar Christine Obonyo Kyayonka forced out of office

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