Oguti Nasir Declared IUIU Main Campus Guild President

Oguti Nasir Declared IUIU Main Campus Guild President

Students at the Islamic university in Uganda (IUIU) main campus Mbale elected their guild president and other guild leaders on Friday the 5th of May 2023.

The students turned up in large numbers to exercise their role in voting for guild presidents, lady vice, the sports minister, and deputy sports minister through an online platform (ERP) which was accessible by any gadget connected to the internet.

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The guild race saw two students vying for the position of guild president which was won by Oguti Nasir with 1115 votes against 1040 votes garnered by Ssebunya Shafie while Mutuwa Matula managed to scoop 611 votes against 319 of Nakyazze Airat for the position of lady vice.

Nambati Ismail Muliro faced off with Shadaadi Ssentamu for the position of sports minister and each got 986 & 767 votes respectively. Nagudi Nuru won the position of deputy sports minister against Wehene Shakira with 1123 & 680 votes respectively.

The student’s electoral commission chairperson Watenga Silagi said that all students that had registered were able to vote.

Watenga also called upon the incoming leaders to build on the success they have made so far. ‘’I want to assure you that the election has been free and fair as witnessed by all of you and as the electoral commission will not condone any partiality in the exercise.’’

The elections coordinator Mr Hamza Batale commended the university administration for supporting the event which enabled students to exercise their rights.

‘’ As the administration, we don’t have any interests in any particular candidate, and therefore the power to decide the leaders lays in you the students.’’

The dean of students Mr Siraji Mukwana thanked the candidates and students’ fraternity for participating and exercising maturity during the electoral process without violence and confrontations.

‘’We shall always guarantee you a free and fair election, congratulations to the winner and I encourage you to work together regardless of the results.”

Source : IUIU

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