Opinion of Experts: Cheaters Can be Recognized by Voice

How to know if your girlfriend is cheating? It`s simple. Just listen to her voice. Scientists are sure that extraverts with  voice differences of tones are inclined to betrayal. And these are not some charlatans, better known as “a group of British scientists,” but quite real researchers.

It’s amazing how much time men of all nationalities and professions pay to the topic of cheating. And what resources are spent on inventing, finally, the Universal Detector of Insidious Cheaters. It’s good that this is classified information from taxpayers. This article was provided by UA Women.

Researchers were amazed at the exact results in determining the traitors.

Representatives of science conducted a study whose purpose was to establish whether it is possible to recognize by a voice the person who cheated. It turned out that the voice gives out such people. However, it has not yet been possible to fully establish how exactly the changes in the partner’s voice signal about the betrayal. Nevertheless, the voice keeps important information about the capabilities of a person and his behavior. So start talking in a whisper, or even better write text messages to each other. And envy introverts: you have to be a truly gifted detective to convict an introvert in at least something. And especially in treason.

Scientists say that extroverts who have voice-frequency differences in tones (people with an open sociable character, easily reaching out to friends, lovers to share their experiences with others) are inclined to cheating. In addition, such people tend to trick and lie much more compared to other people. But we already knew that. This truth is ancient, like the planet Earth itself.

the answer to the question: “ how to know if she is cheating?” was never so … unexpected, right? Scientists conducted an experiment involving 152 young people. Respondents listened to 10 different male and female voices. Part of the voices repeated about their loyalty to their partner, and part of them confessed to treason. Volunteers should have been able to recognize by their voice who is telling the truth, and who is lying. At the same time, participants assessed the probability of fraud on a ten-point scale.

As a result of the research, it turned out that the traitors were recognized by voice quite accurately. At the same time, volunteers were not familiar with those whom they listened to. However, some male respondents were mistaken when they listened to female voices with low timbre and claimed that their owners were cheating. The error, most likely, is attached with the belief that women with such a voice are sexy and flirtatious.

So next time your best friend will ask you “how to know if your girl is cheating”, advise him to find out (or honestly admit to himself) what kind of person his beloved is. Then advise him to listen to the timbre of her voice. Let it fix the frequency of tonality fluctuations. Then he will conduct a detailed analysis. Is there too much fluctuation? Well, that’s bad news. Most likely her new best friend Catherine (who suddenly appeared in her life a month ago, but you have never met) is in fact Mike. And she almost convinced your friend that he was paranoid. And you even gave him the number of your therapist who cured you of this terrible illness. Sad story.

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