Prof. Baryamureeba's first book goes on market "The Ideal Uganda: My Perspectives"

Prof. Baryamureeba's first book goes on market "The Ideal Uganda: My Perspectives"
Prof. Baryamureeba autographs his new book.
Prof. Baryamureeba autographs his new book.

It’s out! You can find it at your nearest bookshop and it is flying off the shelf; it is Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba’s Book, ‘The Ideal Uganda: My Perspectives’.

Though he is not new to having his articles and journals published, ‘The Ideal Uganda: My Perspectives’ is Prof. Baryamureeba’s first book to be published. It attempts to tackle the dilemma facing a generation below the age of 20 years which consisting 56.7% of Uganda’s population that has never experienced any change of Government nor seen any other form of governance other than the “movement” system of government.

Prof. Baryamureeba is quoted in his book as saying, “We are faced with a generation that is caught between modernity and tradition. Our culture is neither African nor western.”

He decries the loss of a caring culture with more focus now on what one can get now and not what they can contribute to the creation of a perception that Uganda and the continent need help, a depiction of victims rather than equals on the global playing field.

“Africa used to farm using implements of tools produced by blacksmith, 50 years after independence, Africa still uses hand hoes imported from mainly East Asia. This is all because Africa missed the most important events of history,” he says

The book tries to provide answers to questions on the minds of many using Prof. Baryamureeba’s experience and how that experience shapes his view of what should be done. Baryamureeba was only 14 years in 1986 when Uganda experienced a political revolution that would change his course perhaps forever.

He takes the reader through Uganda twenty years ago; a time when there were no mobile phones, facebook or shopping malls readily available; a genocide in neighboring Rwanda, the end to an era of apartheid in South Africa as well as the future, where we must face the inevitable; political transition and the need for the youth to take interest in Uganda’s politics given that they will have to take the continent forward.

He tackles issues like orderly political transition, separation of power, national budget priorities, Uganda’s market competitiveness and corruption.

You ought to get yourself a copy today; critics have called insightful, compelling, captivating, engaging , informative and bring a fresh perspective on matters .

Here is your opportunity to change your world and your country for the better

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