Some Students that give birth while still in the University are proud to have used one stone to hit two birds at ounce. Despite the challenges, student mothers say that they have never excelled in their academics before like in times when they were pregnant.

Winnie Twemanye a student of Journalism and Communication in her final year at Makerere University is one of the proud student mothers of one in spite of the challenges like parents disowning her, coursework stress, Twemanye is still excelling in academics.

Hellen Biira a year four student of Journalism and Communication at Makerere University said that she unintentionally conceived in her first year but this did not stop her from chasing her dream.

Winfred Kwagala commonly known as “maama Aaron” is a student of Journalism and Communication at Makerere University, she has advised students and student mothers too to stay focused, being a student mother is normal and it is not the end of everything in life. Kwagala discourages abortion since it puts women at risks.

Student mothers are undergraduates that get pregnant before completing their studies and these are either accepted or rejected to stay in institutions and attend classes depending on the rules and regulations that govern the Institution.

Mr. Stephen Kateega Deputy Dean of Students Makerere University, said that “when a student comes to me complaining that she is facing difficulties because of pregnancy, I just pull out a copy of the rules and regulations of the university and see what it instructs”
Makerere University Students Regulations, 2015 Section 13(5(a)nd(b)) stipulates that “(a) In order cater for the safety of the unborn baby and its pregnant mother, a student who gets pregnant shall not be allowed to stay in Halls of Residence
(b) She must report to the Warden, move out of the Hall but may opt to come back into residence atleast four months after delivery provided she does so without the baby.”

In most government Universities pregnant students are allowed to attend classes but in some private Institutions the situation is strict that is a student may be expelled, suspended or forced get a dead year.
Deborah Nabulesa a student of Bugema University was forced to get a dead year because the students had reported her to the dean of Students that she had conceived.

In struggle to balance studies with parental responsibilities, students go through challenging times that may cause stress to both the pregnant mother and the unborn child as Dr. Ronald Kavuma explained.

He also gave students that are pregnant survival tips that they can rely on to stay healthy.

Article 22(2) of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda grants a right to protection of life.

“No person has a right to terminate the life of unborn child except as may be authorized by law.”



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