Reasons why Zuena is lying about her age.

Reasons why Zuena is lying about her age.
Bebe cool’s wife, Zuena
Bebe cool’s wife, Zuena

NTV Life stories Presenter and Bebe cool’s wife celebrated her 27th birthday. Let’s now look at the reasons why we think Zuena is much older than 27 years she is claiming to be.

We are not Zuena’s parents but Bebe cool’s wife is lying about her age period. We will follow logical reasoning to prove this.

1) Bebe and Zuena have been together for 12years; so 27-12=15yrs. That would mean Bebe Cool started dating Zuena while she was 15years.

2) Also remember that Moses Radio Dated Zuena before Bebe Cool and that would mean Moses dated Zuena when she was only 13years…..really????

3) Remember that Zuena has a 10yr old son; so 27-10=17yrs. This means Zuena had a kid at 17yrs only. That sounds possible, not so?

4) But it does not sound ok to us because Zuena contested for Miss Uganda beauty contest in 2001and yet the age limit was 18-25yrs. By that time,  Zuena did not have her 10 year old kid nor was she pregnant. In fact, it was about then that she started seeing Bebe Cool. Let’s do the math’s again. If Zuena was at least 18yrs then, by now she would be at least 31yrs.?!

5) On second thought maybe she is not lying, what age is Desire Luzinda??????

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