Rise in Ugandans Seeking DNA Services Reflects Growing Demand for Paternity Confirmation

Rise in Ugandans Seeking DNA Services Reflects Growing Demand for Paternity Confirmation

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has reported a significant increase in the number of Ugandans seeking DNA services, indicating a growing trend.

Simon Mundeyi, the spokesperson for the ministry, announced on Monday that there has been a sudden surge, with a 70% rise in individuals coming to their headquarters for DNA testing services.

In the past week alone, over 50 people sought DNA services at the ministry. However, Mundeyi emphasized that the Government Analytical Laboratory (GAL) in Wandegeya is primarily responsible for handling DNA testing, urging people to visit that facility instead.

The majority of those seeking DNA testing services are men seeking to confirm the paternity of their children.

This recent trend suggests a growing need for certainty in familial relationships. Despite the cost associated with DNA testing, many individuals who harbor doubts about their children’s paternity are willing to take the risk and undergo the tests.

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In a recent case, Male Mabirizi, a controversial lawyer, and his siblings were ordered by the Chief Magistrates Court in Mukono to undergo a DNA paternity test.

This request was made by Mabirizi after his father’s mistress, Nalutaaya Stella, presented a will that excluded him from his late father’s list of children.

In an attempt to resolve the confusion, Mabirizi sought a DNA test to determine the biological connection between himself and the alleged siblings.

Experts caution that receiving negative DNA results can be emotionally challenging for individuals. They recommend seeking the assistance of professional counselors in such situations to cope with the potential complexities that may arise.

DNA testing has become a powerful tool in unraveling familial mysteries, but it is essential to approach the results with emotional support and guidance.

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