Once a hotbed for germs and bacteria, the female campus of Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) has undergone a remarkable transformation in terms of sanitation and cleanliness. The efforts made by the students, faculty, and administration to create a hygienic environment have paid off, resulting in a healthy and safe living space for all.

Gone are the days when dirty washrooms would be a common sight, and the pungent smell of garbage would overpower students entering the campus. With the introduction of new policies and guidelines, the campus has successfully adapted to a more Eco-friendly and cleaner way of living.

Below is a video of a lady cleaning the washrooms at IUIU Female campus

Intervention of school administration

Madam Nakawungu Faridah says the administration has provided new garbage disposal systems which have prevented students from littering the surrounding environment. Properly labelled bins can be found at regular intervals around campus, with designated areas for different types of waste.  

Moreover, cleaning staff has increased the frequency of garbage collection, ensuring that any rubbish does not have the opportunity to accumulate in any areas. The washrooms have been fitted with new latrines and sanitary bins, with handwashing facilities to promote good hygiene.

Apart from these measures, students have played an active role in maintaining cleanliness on their peers to participate in initiatives such as litter picking, removal of cobwebs, and sweeping of lecture halls.

Views from Nasiwa Aisha a student of IUIU Female’s campus

Nasiwa Aisha a student of IUIU female’s campus says that the sanitation of the campus is the best because it has reduced on the spread of diseases caused by poor sanitation

 Doctor Mukasa Musa of IUIU female’s campus says the results of these efforts have been impressive: students are no longer falling sick frequently and do not have to worry about contracting diseases due to unsanitary conditions. The attitude towards cleanliness has also improved, with students being mindful of the waste they generate and discarding it in the appropriate manner.

The commendable efforts by all the stakeholders involved have not gone unnoticed – visitors who come to campus always remark on the cleanliness, and this has contributed towards the popularity of this university.

Overall, the sanitation of the female campus of IUIU has improved by leaps and bounds, creating a healthy living environment for all. The continuous efforts made by all involved in maintaining the cleanliness of the campus show that change is possible, and it is essential to continue championing for cleanliness and proper hygiene practices within the university community

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