IUIU Professor ‘Fred Kironde’ Dies

IUIU Professor ‘Fred Kironde’ Dies

Prof. Fred Kironde who was the Deputy Dean Faculty of Health Sciences at Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) is dead. The Public Relations Officer of the University Miss Rehema Kantono says late Professor Kironde was a pillar of the University ‘We learnt with deep sorrow about the death of our staff and Deputy Dean Faculty […]

Residents Praise I.U.I.U for its Contribution to the Community

Islamic university in Uganda (main campus) is an institution of higher learning located in Nkoma, Mbale city,  that has not only provided high quality education but also contributed to the social, economic growth and development of the areas around it through the provision of jobs, market for their business. (Click on the link for directions […]

Students doing Business in Islamic University in Uganda

                                                                    The business students at Islamic University in Uganda, IUIU main campus call upon their fellows to engage in business activities. According to the research made portrays that various students are owning their private businesses that have helped them sustain themselves in terms of tuition, facilitation among others Mayor Wandawa Ukasha a student of […]

IUIU Students Preserving Culture Through Tribal Associations

IUIU Students Preserving Culture Through Tribal Associations

Someone visiting Islamic university in Uganda main campus in Mbale for the first time may remain confused of what happens under decorated tree shades within the university. These tree shades have been given tribe names, cultural leaders’ titles and many other nouns that define different tribes and nationalities. The Bagisu have named it “Lukhobo Lwe […]

Islamic University in Uganda Football Team Mbale Triumphing and Grooming Morals in Students

Islamic University in Uganda Football team has grown through the taste of time and is wining major games in the region and beyond. The team has also played a big part in instilling morals in students especially the players. The teams background In an interview with the captain of IUIU football team Mr. Mubaraka Kaggwa […]

The Fate of Online Learning at Islamic University in Uganda amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, all learning institutions including universities in Uganda resorted to online learning. The new learning approach followed President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s closure of all learning institutions in the wake of the novel coronavirus.  The aim of the closure was to safeguard learners and students from contracting the deadly virus in congested areas. The […]

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