Schwarzenegger Uses Social Media to Inspire Struggling Fans

Schwarzenegger Uses Social Media to Inspire Struggling Fans

Film star,Arnold Schwarzenegger has helped to ‘move mountains’ in the lives of many through a series of social media exchanges with a depressed fan only identified as Ali and screen name “u/0770059834333178”

Ali sent Mr Schwarzenegger a message requesting for some motivational words from the famous former body-builder from months’ depression.

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Ali, a resident of Quebec, Canada revealed that “I was just lying in bed and feeling down, when I decided to send the message. I had been feeling bad for about three months.”(BBC news)

He was not expecting any reply however, to his surprise, ‘the Terminator’ replied more gently and humanly than anyone could anticipate.

Screen grab from Reddit user GovSchwarzenegger

“I jumped out of bed and thought what’s the quickest way to the gym? I used that motivation and went straight there. It was crazy,” Ali said.

Picking on its popularity  on Reddit, with screen grabs of the conversation receiving more than 70,000 upvotes, the motivational exchange has inspired many others to share their own life hurdles.

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Taking on the advicer role, Ali has helped to offer guidance to others. One Reddit user wrote: “I’ve been in a personal crisis myself, haven’t been to the gym in two years. This legit makes me want to cry.”

Ali responded, saying: “Let your bad feelings out and cry if you need to, holding back emotions is the easiest way to go further into depression. Don’t give up!”

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Photo credit: REDDIT / U/AVERGRANY7710

Ali responded to encourage the poster to take small steps and set objectives.

The message did not only evoke positive reactions but also criticism.some have suggested the message is not an appropriate way to handle serious depression.

According to Ali, receiving a message from Mr Schwarzenegger was personally “a huge, huge boost” which got him “amped up to hit the gym”.

“Obviously depression can’t just be ‘cured’ that easily. In my case I needed a push to do the one thing which I know helps me when I’m feeling down.”

Mr Schwarzenegger posted a video message, filmed (of course) in a gym to counter the critics and also encourage the young advicer.

He commended Ali over spreading the spirit and “pumping up other people that have depression and encouraging them and giving them positive reinforcement. I love that,” he said.

He signed off: “Hasta la vista”.

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