Smoothie-Fruit Or Vegetable Drink

Smoothie-Fruit Or Vegetable Drink

Not every one of us might know what a smoothie is and possible dietary benefits we could get in consumption of a smoothie. Let us try to check our body weights and health alongside daily routine exercise.

Today we will look at smoothies in general and how some fibre rich smoothies can help us reverse or check certain health conditions and perhaps aid us in checking our weight.

Smoothie Defined

A smoothie is a beverage made by puréeing ingredients in a blender. A drink made from fruits, juices, vegetables, crushed ice, and usually milk or yogurt, whipped in a blender until smooth.

A smoothie’s nutritional content depends on its ingredients. Fruit can add natural sweetness, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Aim for to have 1/2 to 1 cup of fruit (fresh or frozen) in your smoothies.

Mildly flavored vegetables are generally the best type to use in smoothies. Spinach or kale are good choices because they provide more vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, and their bitter taste is masked by the sweetness of fruit ingredients.

Smoothies Are Healthy

A well-made smoothie can be both tasty and healthy. One of the best nutritional benefits of a smoothie is the fiber content. Fiber offers a wide variety of health benefits such as:

  • Supporting your regular bowel movements
  • Helping your gastrointestinal system stay healthy
  • Decreasing your cholesterol levels
  • Stabilizing your blood sugar levels
  • Helping to prevent disease
  • Supporting you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Unlike fruit juicing, fiber content is not lost when blended into a smoothie because you are consuming the whole ingredient rather than extracting part of it, like the juice.

Beware of claims encouraging the use of smoothies to detox your body. “There is no solid scientific evidence that supports the idea that detoxing is good for your overall health,” says Gould.

“Our bodies have their own system of detoxifying naturally.” It is better to limit your intake of harmful, inflammatory foods, such as processed foods and added sugar, instead of trying to use smoothies to detox.

There Is Not An Optimal Time Of Day To Drink A Smoothie

The best time of day depends on your lifestyle and nutrition goals. If you are rushed in the morning, prepare your smoothie in advance and bring it with you for an easy breakfast on-the-go.

If you want a pre- or post-workout snack, a small smoothie with carbs and protein can help fuel your body and repair your muscles.

Having trouble sleeping? “You may want to incorporate a smoothie an hour before bed to serve as a sleep aid,”

Gould says. For pre-bedtime smoothies, include a mix of yogurt, milk, rolled oats, walnuts, tart cherries and bananas to enjoy their sleep-boosting properties.

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