Sudhir Demolishes Clubs: Fat Boyz & Club Sway Gone, Is Rouge Next?

Sudhir Demolishes Clubs: Fat Boyz & Club Sway Gone, Is Rouge Next?

SudirhOnce one of the most famous hangout spot in town, Fat Boyz Bar and Restaurant is now history.

Property mogul, Sudhir Ruperalia, the owner of the plot housing the Kisementi-based bar has brought the structure to the ground.
The move came at the backdrop of poor business that had characterised the spot.

Insipte of having undergone renovation last year, Fat Boyz had still failed to attract even a quarter of the number of revellers that it once hosted.
Most of the revellers had since moved to neighbouring newer spots like Wink Bar, Big Mikes and Casablanca that have cropped up in the area.

This greatly hurt Fat Boyz leaving it in loses that at one time it had to be closed for stealing water.
We have learnt that Sudhir, who is behind its destruction intends to replace the structure with a shopping mall.

Meanwhile, it isn’t only Fat Boyz that has suffered the tycoons wrath.
Sudhir last year razed down Club Sway, another once top spot in town.
The other club likely to fall victim is Club Rouge, which is also being housed on his property.

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