Who is your favorite female guild president

Who is your  favorite female guild president

  Arach Zilla Mary, Bustema university Guild President 2013/14 Most university students this year decided to vote female students as their Guild presidents. The Campus Times brings you the four most treasured female guild presidents of 2013/14. But among these Guild icons, who is your favorite? Pasquine Acake is the guild president of Makerere university […]

Anna declared Makerere Guild Prezido

By Philimon Badagawa Anna Adeke Ebaju, a Law Student and a supporter of FDC, won the Makerere University Guild race with a landslide victory of 6,609 votes (60.87%). Anna’s victory makes her the forth female Guild president at Makerere and she takes over from Ivan Kata. She was the only lady among seven other ‘bulls’ […]