Secrets to know when buying women's shoes

Secrets to know when buying women's shoes

.   Women need to buy comfortable shoes that fit properly. This may be obvious to most, however many women who see a pair that is a “must have” buy whether it is their correct size or not. Whatever the reason is to buy new shoes, do not jump just because there is a sale […]

Makeup tips for a girls' night out

A pretty party dress and killer heels are just the first part of putting together a girls’ night out. The right makeup  will make your night date out a memorable one. These top three tips will bring this look to life. Bold lashes. You can’t beat a fabulous set of false eyelashes. They bring attention to […]

The best dress code for a graduation party

Fashion and Design Tips There is always light at the every end of a tunnel and it’s every parent’s wish to have a colorful graduation party for his/her children after studying. Don’t stress or get confused over the party dress code on that long awaited day. Here are a few tips. Think of a nice […]