The hustle of a Single Student Mothers

The hustle of a Single Student Mothers

In Uganda, many University students are mothers who either became pregnant with their children as teenagers during high-school or exploited by their lovers at campus.

However, the men who are responsible for their pregnancies run away leaving them hopeless single mothers.

Once blinded by love, the hardships of rising a baby alone makes them glow very fast and wear both a mother’s and father’s shoes.

Time gone, no-longer under their parents’ guardianship, they have to fend for their children with little or no help from parents.

Naivety now long gone, the single mother decides to do all that can give their children a good healthy life.

The ones who could have dropped out of school go back while those who continued with school put in much effort to catch-up for lost time. However, a good life they crave for doesn’t come on a silver plate.

Single student mothers take up part time jobs to make ends meet. They have to juggle between being a mother and student and work.

Namaganda Mary is a mother of two and second year student of development studies at Kampala international university discusses her daily routine as student and a mother.

In the video, Ritah, also a mother with one child, pursuing Bachelor in social work decries men neglect to their responsibilities as fathers.

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